Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Water, water, everywhere, but that’s not what I want to drink!

Did you know an 8 oz pina colada on a hot summer night will set you back about 500 calories and 5 grams of saturated fat? Remember too, that liquids do not help us to feel full and satisfied. Drinking high calorie libations will not curb your appetite at meal times, so when the thirst hits, here’s what to do. What will you drink this weekend?

Serving Size Calories Survery Says... Serving Size Calories Survey Says...
Pina Colada 8oz 500 + 5 grams of saturated fat Try again White Wine 8oz 160 + 0 grams of fat Good choice
Regular Beer 12oz can 146 Not so bad but... Lite Beer 12oz can 99 Better
Wine Cooler 12oz 125 That's the equivalent of one regular hot dog Wine Spritzer 12oz 120 Enjoy
Soda 12 oz 155 13 teaspoons sugar Flavored Seltzer Any size 0 Why not
Cranberry Juice 8oz 116 31 grams of pure carbs Cranberry Spritzer in Sparkling water 8oz 15 Bingo!

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