Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Recipe: Easy Super Bowl Veggie Dip

  • Knorr® Vegetable recipe mix
  • 2 containers (160z) of Greek 0 or 2% yogurt

Combine both ingredients in a medium bowl. A great treat to dip your favorite veggies in.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Super Bowl Snack Shocker

Myth or Fact? A few Super Bowl bar snacks can equal the total number of calories I should consume in one day?

SAD BUT TRUE (FACT)! Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest eating day of the year (second only to Thanksgiving) - But don’t let this interfere with your weight loss goals! Instead, let me offer you some simple, healthy substitutions that will keep you feeling energized and on track.

I recommend that you steer clear of snacks like these...

5 fried chicken wings - Calories 800; Fat g 50
Nachos (6 chips with cheese) - Calories 600; Fat g 34
Potato chips (10) with 2 tbsp onion dip- Calories 210; Fat g 15
3 beers (12 oz each) - Calories 450; Fat g 0

Grand Total: 2060 Calories 99 grams of fat

And instead gravitate toward snacks like these...

5 Baked Chicken Wings - Calories 375; Fat g 23
4 baked whole wheat pitas slices and 1/3 cup garlic/white bean dip - Calories 175; Fat g 5
4 cups non fat air popped popcorn - Calories 110; Fat g 0
All the water you want

Grand Total: 660 Calories 28 grams of fat

And if the above aren't enough, here are a few more snacking secrets that I recommend to all my clients:

  • Substitute low-fat Greek yogurt for sour cream
  • Drink light beer instead of regular beer
  • Order pizza with veggies and light cheese instead of meat lovers pizza
  • Eat vegetarian chili instead of beef chili
  • Make subs using mustard instead of mayo
  • Order a fruit platter
  • Take a walk during halftime

And remember, if you indulged a little more than usual, it’s just one day. Make sure to get right back on track the next morning.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

DIET CLEANSES Myth or Fact: Cleansing/Detox diets are a good way to jump start my diet?

SORRY, BIG MYTH! There is little evidence to support that detox diets, such as The Master Cleanse, do much more than lead to unhealthy, unpleasant side effects. In fact, detox diets can actually do more harm than good as they lead to muscle breakdown and a shortage of some very important vitamins and minerals which weakens our immune system and our ability to fight off infection.

In addition, most detox-type diets incorporate little to no protein, which are not only the basic building blocks of cells but also a key ingredient to losing weight. Our body naturally cleanses itself through the kidneys and liver, so a diet that promises to “cleanse” really isn’t necessary.

Still not convinced? Detox diets can also make you feel lightheaded, lethargic and cranky – making you not so fun to be around (can anyone spell bad breath?).

Our recommendation: “cleanse” your diet by introducing more whole fruits and vegetables and by avoiding refined carbohydrates such as white rice, white bread and sugar, which provide minimal nutrients and can be calorically-dense.